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Mirjana Mut


"...Mirjana has given me that purpose, or, better said, the potential to make a difference on a higher scale. She could describe events of importance in my life very accurately and aside from that, the analysis of my personality was matching with what I know of myself..."

~ David Uzsak, Slovakia
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"...Without going too much into my personal results, I can simply say the details and work completed by Mirjana were eye-opening, or perhaps, more accurately, mind-opening..."
"Mirjana offers a clearer view of who you are and your ability to decide and define your own life...."

~ David White, Alabama, USA
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As a professional numerologist Mirjana offers intuitive numerology sessions, either in face-to-face sessions, or online, via webcam. They unlock the secrets of your life story and enable you to know yourself from inside, so that you can live the best version of self.

Intuitive numerology sessions are customary held in person, in Vienna/Austria, or elsewhere after Mirjana's numerology workshops, depending on workshop location.
Mirjana now offers numerology sessions via web cam as well!

Intuitive numerology sessions can be performed in English, German, Serbian or Croatian.

Intuitive numerology session: 80€
Intuitive numerology via webcam: 60€

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You can have one of your many personal questions answered online, even without getting a full numerological reading. Whether you are a repeat customer, or simply need a quick advice from an experienced numerologist, visit the numerology pavilion to find your answers.


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