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Mirjana Mut

The Right Choice

With so many techniques and approaches available, you may be wondering which one is the right one for You?

That depends on what interests you, what brought you here. Do you wish to explore your consciousness and simply find out more about yourself, or do you have a specific problem (dilemma, addiction, etc.), or perhaps something else?

Sometimes the best method may be to combine several techniques. It really depends on your specific case and interest.

I can help you. If you are unsure what may be the right choice for you, contact me, and let me know what you are looking for, what you need help with, or what you hope to find.



Spiritual Healing ~ Teaching ~ Numerology ~ TLD Program

Spiritual Healing Sessions

In individual spiritual healing session that can either be performed face-to-face, or via webcam, Mirjana helps you to reach a higher level of consciousness by overcoming your fears and phobias and getting rid of traumatic events that wounded your development.

Spiritual healing sessions are available in a number of different LANGUAGES
(in alphabetical order)

Australia Austria Bosnia and Herzegovina Croatia Germany Ireland Italy Montenegro Serbia United Kingdom United States of America

She can also help you to become aware of your desires and wishes, as well as empower you to make them your reality.

The duration of one session can vary, depending on the particular problem, but in most cases it lasts no longer than 1 hour. The session ends with the resolution of the problem.

Spiritual healing session: 80€
Spiritual healing via webcam: 60€

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As a certified PEAT trainer Mirjana teaches a variety of spiritual healing techniques. Absolvents receive a certificate which enables them to apply the teaching on themselves, or in their work with others. The teachings can be learned in individual sessions, or at one of the workshops geared specifically towards trainers and healers.
Mirjana Mut offers the following Spiritual Technology methods:

At the end of successful completion of all steps of the course/workshop, participants are awarded with a certificate of PEAT Processor.

All these methods will help you to get rid of fears and phobias, free your wounded soul from traumatic experiences and become aware of who you really are. Additionally, you can learn how to help others do the same.

Mirjana can travel to any location worldwide which is agreed upon with the host.

Spiritual Healing Training lasts from 1 to 3 days and can be conducted in several languages.

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Numerology Arts

As a professional numerologist Mirjana offers face-to-face, intuitive numerology sessions, that can help you unlock the secret of your life story, your personal code and esoteric aspects of your personal mythology.
New: Intuitive numerology sessions via webcam!

Additionally, or independently to these sessions, you can have one of your many personal questions answered online. Whether you are a repeat customer, or simply need a quick advice from an experienced numerologist, visit the numerology pavilion to find your answers.

More about Numerology readings

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TLD Program

In her Transcendental Life Directing (TLD) program Mirjana offers individual and group sessions, providing you with powerful tools that are based on your unique personal birth code, designed to enrich your whole life and to enhance your self-awareness, therefore bringing creative joy into your life, or revitalizing it.

More about Transcedental Life Directing (TLD)

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"It is only when we discover the beauty of our soul, that we can create beauty around us."
~ Mirjana Mut