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Mirjana Mut

The Right Choice

Which so many techniques and approaches available, you may be wondering which one is the right one for You?

That depends on what interests you, what brought you here. Do you wish to explore your consciousness and simply find out more about yourself, or do you have a specific problem (dilemma, addiction, etc.), or perhaps something else?

Sometimes the best method may be to combine several techniques. It really depends on your specific case and interest.

I can help you. If you are unsure what may be the right choice for you, contact me, and let me know what you are looking for, what you need help with, or what you hope to find.


Spiritual Healing


PEAT is an advanced meridian therapy that is the basic tool of Spiritual Technology. It is a short for Primordial Energy Activation and Transcendence. This is a tool for permanent work on self transformation and meeting the awareness of personal wholeness.

Through PEAT and by touching points you are able to follow responses. Starting from the problem and following the chain of responses, which is the content of your mind, you reach the resolution of your starting problem, either in Pleroma state, which is the grace of inner feeling of wholeness or in the state of neutralized polarities. The first neutralized pair of polarities are your Primes, or Primordial polarities that represents your life game. If you consider your life as a book, Primes are the cover or the title of your life story.

Examples of Primes are: Perfection and Aggression, Love and Freedom, Powerful and Powerless, Spiritual and Material, Life and Death, Fear and Freedom, Knowledge and Fear and many more. Primes are personal inner print of your personality and as such they are as unique as your fingerprint.

Pleroma state can be reached also by doing self processing, as well as any other polarity neutralization except Primes neutralization. This can be reached only with certified PEAT Processor or PEAT Trainer. After Primes neutralization you experience a sense of freedom so that you use your Primes by will and not compulsively. You become a master of your life with a capacity to know cause and effect of your behaviour patterns.

As PEAT Trainer Mirjana processes her clients to meet the wholeness of their being and teaches her students to do the same. Training is possible in groups or individually. If you are interested in becoming PEAT Processor contact Mirjana.

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"It is only when we discover the beauty of our soul, that we can create beauty around us."
~ Mirjana Mut