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Mirjana Mut

Three Little Dragons

Three Little Dragons

We keep the magic ball,
Just follow your star,
You'll reach a lofty goal,
Revealing who you are.

If you really want to play,
Don't hesitate, just stay,
Enjoy your creativity,
Drink of your immortality.

Dragons and lions together,
Find the magic ball,
Peace and love forever,
You reach your magic goal.

© Mirjana Mut, 2005.
TLD Poetry Collection


Online Forums

Deep Spirits
DS is the oasis for my soul, where I found many kindred spirits with whom I can talk about everything, motivated and inspired to share personal knowledge and spiritual experiences.

At Ajna you can experience both, the teacher and the student aspect of your personality, enjoying how they effect personal harmony of your daily life.

The Journey

Rather than presenting you with a top-of-the-line curriculum vitae, I thought it would be more relevant, as well as far more interesting, to share my spiritual journey with you, or the odyssey of my consciousness.

The Spiritual Journey of Mirjana Mut

For as long as I can remember I have had a belief that we each have a unique energy, and that being here means having an opportunity to learn what our mission is in life. I realized that within each of us there is a music that, when awakened, will give life to our hearts.

Literature, Psychology, Poetry

Symbols have always been my fascination. My interest in the Pythagorean line of thought and energy began a long time ago, with my study of literature, philosophy and art. Plato and Pythagoras became my heroes, along with Dostoevsky, Tagore, Hesse, Miro...

I ♥ Pythagoras 'La Mélodie Acide' by Joan Miró

I became aware that there is sound in everything and that it has its color, and that these colors have their notes. My approach to music, to visual arts and literature started to interconnect, and ever since then I have remained on that path.

My first book of poetry, "Ajna", was published in 1998, followed by another book of poems "Three Little Dragons", in 2004.
My poems are the expression of my inner journey and they are one of many of my personal symbols - the code of my life mission.

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My interest in numerology was initiated during my study of literature and art when I learned about Pythagoras, his Music of Spheres and mystery of numbers. He opened the gate to mysticism, spirituality and the esoteric. After years of intuitive numerology readings, with people in person, I founded Numerology Arts in 2004. Numerology Arts was the next step toward people in my work.

Numerology helped me to understand my life story, to become aware of my personal mythology, to know my archetypes and patterns of behaviour, to find my life song. I realized what potential has been within me and that I have the freedom to make the choice and fulfill it all the way. Numerology helped me to live the creative version of my life, and discover my full potential, which has been and is still evolving, rather than to stay within the "smaller version" of myself.


Numerology became an additional way and method for my work with people, to help them to know themselves, their basic nature, the messages of their personal evolution, the reason why they are here, as well as their life mission.

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Primordial Energy Activation and Transcendence (PEAT)

Intuitive numerology readings showed me that each individual has their own set of life lessons to learn, a personal set of helpful tools to help them accomplish that, and obstacles that serve to understand certain personal patterns of behaviour. Life stories have shown light and shadow aspects of personalities. The missing part was how to help people to work with all this information, and take an active role on their path of healing and spiritual transformation, so that their potential becomes their reality. My reencounter with Zivorad Mihajlovic Slavinski in 2001, the founder of 'Spiritual Technology', brought the missing link into my work.

I started learning PEAT and many others systems of Spiritual Technology realizing their efficiency and ease. They became my personal healing cleanser.

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Magic of Cooking

I consider cooking a form of art, and enjoy creating healthy and interesting meals that are unique in taste as well as presentation. My kitchen is my meditation room where I enjoy the whole process in total relaxation. Cooking is energy and when done with loving thoughts for those for whom you cook, this energy is connecting and healing. During my study of vegetarian cooking and macrobiotics I became a vegetarian myself, aware not only of the health effects, but also of so many creative possibilities. Herbalism is one of my passionate interests and so, I incorporate this knowledge too into my cooking.

For all these reasons, the meal offered at my workshops, during lunch break, is vegetarian, and prepared by myself.

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Transcendental Life Directing (TLD)

All my passion and knowledge, my spiritual work and teachings have been summarized in the holistic Transcendental Life Directing program.

We are unique, and everything we do expresses our individuality. Over all these years of my work I came to realize the importance of personal energy supporters. They comfort our soul, stimulate creativity and motivate our work. They are the spiritual 'make up' of our soul, the visual and sound code expression of our individuality.


This insight was my guidance for the creation of the program with primordial symbols, based on the personal code. Those symbols keep one's energy safe and also encourage the healing process from the inside: emotionally, spiritually and physically. During my daily meditation I have my Soul Mantra™. During my cooking I sing my Soul Song™ notes. The Tale of my Soul's Journey became one of the most important clues to my life mission. During physical exercises I also follow the TLD program based on my primordial vibrations.

In 2005 I started teaching seminars on these energy companions so that my students are able to compose their primordial energy companions themselves.

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Learning about Love

Without people my spiritual journey wouldn't be possible. Love, compassion and understanding, family happiness, the need to learn and to teach, awareness about the power of self-awareness, gratitude and forgiving, and the beauty of wisdom are a natural part of my life when sharing time with the beautiful souls of the many great people who have touched and influenced me.

I have been learning about love all my life. From within my family, with my parents and brother. In relationship with a man who has been the love of my life. In the most precious sharing with two gorgeous daughters, both of whom are strong personalities. From them I have constantly been learning about love and life, in talks with them and their soulmates, in joyful moments with grandchildren, many great friends, as well as people I worked with.

I am aware of the strong synergism between love, gratitude and healing. Therefore my life, my love for life and people, my learning and my teaching, my whole work is focused on the creative forces that empower these energies in each of us. My little poem 'Three Little Dragons' expresses that philosophy.
I am happy and proud to introduce to you the work of some of these people, as their work represents the beauty of awareness about life's purpose when lived with creativity, and the happiness of being on that path.

  1. Sabina, http://www.SabinaNore.com/
  2. Deep Spirits, http://www.DeepSpirits.com/
  3. Homdor, http://www.Homdor.com/
  4. Alija, http://www.Ajna.com/
  5. Maja, http://www.Schreibfee.com/
  6. Ryan, http://Ryan.Nore.at/
  7. PepFX, http://www.PepFX.com/
  8. Zoran, http://www.ZoranMujbegovic.com/
  9. Z.M.Slavinski, http://www.Spiritual-Technology.com/
  10. GamesLark, http://www.GamesLark.com/
  11. GamezArena, http://www.GamezArena.com/

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Mirjana Mut

Egyptian goddess Mut

My journey brought me to the name Mirjana Mut, and to the forces that are inherent in its symbolism. My personal attachment to ancient Egypt and their primal deity Mut inspired this choice. The soul vibration of this name encourages me to seek more freedom and less conventionality. This name enhances my native imagination and makes me more dynamic, enthusiastic and flexible to changes. With this name I step into the great time of my Wisdom Cycle that vibrates 22. It is a magical vibration that brings Mirjana Mut the opportunity to work for the wellbeing of humanity. It is also a vibration that is able to manifest perception of the archetypal world on Earth. My whole work so far is sealed with this vibration, so that I am deeply inspired to continue this journey, only curious to experience whatever comes next.

Without all the beautiful people who have shared their pains and their triumphs with me, my journey wouldn't have brought me here, to share it with you. For that I am deeply grateful.
My work offers you different possibilities so that you also can step on the Transcendental Life Directing path. If you need to understand the pattern of your behaviour better, or to heal your emotional wounds, or to manifest the best version of you, I can help you.

Our work together makes you a witness of my life mission, as I become a witness of yours. I hope that we shall joyfully enjoy this synergism.


In loving service,
Mirjana Mut