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Mirjana Mut



David White

I have been interested in numerology and pretty much all things to do with finding out more about my personality, the whys and why nots as to why I do certain things, since I was a kid. I read information on horoscopes, enjoying even the aspects of my personality that may not have been quite so positive. Any information showed me a bit more about myself. Through all I read, I was only able to scratch the surface; I was always left wanting to know more.

This was my first professional numerological reading. Mirjana, with her in-depth numerological analysis, showed me a more detailed evaluation of things I had previously only known through surface details. Did I know I was a responsible, hard-working individual? Yes. But I had no clue how each of these things were connected to so many other aspects of my personality, things that truly defined the person I am. Without going too much into my personal results, I can simply say the details and work completed by Mirjana were eye-opening, or perhaps, more accurately, mind-opening. Yes, she showed clearly the aspects of my personality that will hold me back if I allow them to do so, if I don't face them and work through them. She showed clearly what things may hold me back, but she also showed clear examples of me having what is needed to overcome any obstacles in my path. This is shown especially clearly through examples of how we, as individuals, more often than not create our own road blocks, our own things to overcome. If it is our own energy that creates the problem then it would seem common sense we would each have the equal opposite energy to fix the problem. Most individuals would allow negative energy to run their lives only through simple ignorance, being unaware of the possible influence of any negative energy or simply unaware the negative energy exists in the first place. When someone points out a road block ahead, an accident waiting to happen, something one could easily avoid through a simple change of action, most would want to know this, to at least be able to decide what action they may want to take. That is what Mirjana's Numerology Reading can do.

I'm not trying to represent numerology in general or Mirjana's reading in particular as some magic panacea, an answer to all of life's problems. It is more of as when one with vision problems goes to the doctor and receives glasses. You see a bit better. Nothing outside of you has changed, but you are better able to see what may be ahead of you, better prepared to avoid certain things or pursue others. Mirjana offers a clearer view of who you are and your ability to decide and define your own life. She offers you the information and, as with one putting on a new pair of glasses, the rest is up to you.

David Uzsak

In today's world, it is not easy to deal with beliefs. First of all, there's so many of them. Different people offer different ideologies, and they all want you to believe. Even science is a belief system, because nothing is hundred percent true. So the same is true for numerology. In my case, I was kind of neutral about it. I mean, I always wanted to feel special somehow, to know that there is a higher purpose in my life, something that makes me stand out. Mirjana has given me that purpose, or, better said, the potential to make a difference on a higher scale. She could describe events of importance in my life very accurately and aside from that, the analysis of my personality was matching with what I know of myself. The fact that both my real name and chosen name contain the master number 22 was fascinating to me and the overall reading has given me lots of answers, but it also made me ask new questions. You know, after some thinking I realized that it doesn't really matter whether numerology really equals reality. You are given a certain description, a certain set of options and there you go. The rest is up to you. You can rebel against it, only to prove that the reading was wrong, or you can put all your effort into making it come true. I think potential is not something you are born with, but rather a seed that you plant and nurture and such numerology readings are water and sunshine for that seed. So go for it!