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Even a casual home environment can be suitable, as Mirjana's workshops are preferably held in smaller groups. Conference rooms are possible, but are in most cases too large and/or too expensive. If you, as a host, choose to rent a space, then the renting cost will be paid out of the participants' fees and the host handles all arrangements. The room where the workshop will take place must be large enough to cover the agreed upon number of participants.

Example of a simple working environment

Example of a simple working environment.

Mirjana prefers to work in groups of 12-14 participants for 2 or 3-day PEAT Processor's Training. For other workshops there is no maximum number of participants, unless agreed otherwise.

As a host you also need to provide a flip chart stand, paper and a marker. Participants should bring their own notebooks and pens.

Example of a comfortable working environment

Example of a comfortable working environment.

If you are interested in hosting an event, whether you still have any questions or not, please use the contact form to get in touch.

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Who can attend a workshop?

Mirjana's workshops are recommended to professional therapists, particularly for those who use energy therapies, because they are familiar with positive effects of their work and aware of the need and necessity to enrich their tools for their work.

The workshops are also for ordinary people who want to solve their problems, improve their life and spiritual growth.

Upon the completion of the workshops, each participant will be handed a certificate that empowers them to apply PEAT or other learned processes in individual work for the development of human consciousness.

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Payment should be arranged by the host, along with all other arrangements. If the workshop is outside of Vienna/Austria, Mirjana receives an advance payment in order to buy the plane/train ticket. The host should request an advance payment of 50% of the workshop price by the participants. Payment can be made via money order or certified checks.

As a host you also issue the receipts for deposits, and final payment of workshop fees at the place. If the participant who has paid the deposit doesn't show up, the deposit is not refundable, as it had been taken as a guarantee.

As you will collect the fees, Mirjana would also like you to issue the receipts for both, deposits and the final payment of workshop fees.

As a host you attend the workshop for free, and keep 25% of the fees after the reduction of expenses.

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Accommodation arrangements

If the workshop is out of Vienna, Mirjana needs a place to sleep, which includes the possibility to get the room at the host's place or however the host arranges. All arrangements are the job of the host. The costs of Mirjana's accommodation reduce the overall expenses.

It is the same with accommodation for those participants who live out of the place where the workshop takes place. Arrangements belong to the host including the possibility that they can spend the night at the place where the host lives, if it is so arranged. Of course, those costs participants pay extra.

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If you would like to host a workshop or seminar by Mirjana Mut, get in touch.

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