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Mirjana Mut

Hosting a Workshop

When you host a workshop by Mirjana Mut, you can participate free of charge, as well as make some extra-money!

Hosting an event

The offered space must be large enough to accommodate the agreed upon number of participants, and you, as a host, take care of all the arrangements. In exchange for your efforts, you keep 25% of the income.

Find out everything you may need to know about organizing and hosting an event.

If you would like to host Mirjana's workshops, please contact her.

Workshops and Seminars


Aspectics Training - Porec, Croatia - on 27th November 2010

If you register for a workshop up to two weeks before it begins, you receive a 10% discount! The number of participants is limited. Therefore, the earlier you ensure your place, the better! By paying 20% of the amount you will book your place for the workshop.

Students have a 30% discount with a student's booklet. The same discount is for teenager over the age of 14 with a personal document as identification.

If you are a professional therapist and familiar with energy therapies, you are going to get a new tool for your work. For those who are not therapists but are interested to solve their life problems, improve their life and personal spiritual growth, this will be the right place as well.

Participants only need their notebooks and pens. For those who are not from Vienna and want to participate, there are inexpensive hotels close to the location of the workshop.

If you need any additional information or have any questions, feel free to contact Mirjana.

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