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Mirjana Mut Who was Mut?

Mut was an ancient Egyptian mother goddess, a primal deity, associated with the waters that gave birth to everything that is. The word mut meant mother.

Goddess Mut

Mut wears the crown of united Egypt, a red or blue dress, and holds the ankh, the so called key of life, and a symbol of eternal life, in her hand.

Some of the titles she is known as include World-Mother, Mother of the Gods, Queen of Goddesses, Eye of Ra, Lady of Heaven, and She Who Gives Birth, But Was Herself Not Born of Any.

Discover & Reinvent Yourself

Find out what moves you, what pushes you forward and what holds you back, neutralize your polarities, overcome your fears, and become all that you can be.

There isn't only one path, and while one excellent approach may prove to be the ultimate solution for one individual, it may not for another, which is why Mirjana specializes in a variety of techniques and holistic approaches, to help you in a way which corresponds to your soul and your unique spirit.

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The ancient science of numbers - taken to the next level! Far more than merely a computer-generated reading, this numerologist's detailed, in-depth approach and knowledge of numerology ensure that it's done right.

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"It is only when we discover the beauty of our soul, that we can create beauty around us."
~ Mirjana Mut