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Mirjana Mut

Three Little Dragons

Three Little Dragons

We keep the magic ball,
Just follow your star,
You'll reach a lofty goal,
Revealing who you are.

If you really want to play,
Don't hesitate, just stay,
Enjoy your creativity,
Drink of your immortality.

Dragons and lions together,
Find the magic ball,
Peace and love forever,
You reach your magic goal.

© Mirjana Mut, 2005.
TLD Poetry Collection

The TLD Program

TLD is short for Transcendental Life Directing: a holistic, eclectic program with the mission and purpose to help you heal your soul, become the master of your life and live your full potential. TLD is unique for each person, as it corresponds to their individual soul and spirit.

Bring Joy & Self-awareness into Your Life!

Soul Mantra™

The gentle path to personal realization
Your numerological code is the key for your primordial sound.
This sound, when said silently in your mind, is your personal Soul Mantra™.

Your Soul Mantra™ derives from your birth code. It is a sound determined and calculated according to a specific vibration you received from the Universe at birth. That is your primordial sound.
When applied in TLD Meditation this sound takes you to a deeper level of consciousness. Like a fine anchor instrument your personal mantra calms you and brings you in a state of silence from which you can get the answers you need for your personal realization. TLD Meditation can be practiced by anyone.

When you buy your Soul Mantra™, you receive:
1. Your personal Soul Mantra™
2. Detailed instructions on how to practise TLD meditation, when and where to meditate, the best time for you specifically to do that, and what you need as a supportive ritual. All these details are exclusively based on your birth code.
Custom-prepared and delivered to your e-mail within 24 hours!
Price: 12€

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Soul Song™

Daily remedy for your DNA
The healing effect of music is a well known fact. Your personal music, which is hidden in your birth code, when decoded is your personal remedy that harmonizes you from the inside. Singing your Soul Song™ empowers your energy and stimulates joy. If you want to feel balanced, charged and happy, nothing is easier, quicker and cheaper than singing your Soul Song™.

Custom-prepared and delivered to your e-mail within 24 hours!
Price: 35€

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Soul Totem™

Incl. Soul Song™ + Soul Mantra™

Both aural protectors in one powerful package.
Custom-prepared and delivered to your e-mail within 24 hours!
Price: 40€

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The Tale of Your Soul's Journey

The story of more than a lifetime
At the moment of your birth, you arrived holding the vibrations of your life's mission, encoded within you. You can think of it as a message, hidden within your birth code. When decoded, birth code vibrations reveal your personal mythology, including all secrets of your soul journey until this life, incl. a guidance for this lifetime.
The Tale of Your Soul's Journey provides you with valuable information about yourself, which you can use to better cope with your weaknesses, use your strengths for your personal promotion, make the best of each relationship and simply live in harmony with yourself, with nature and cosmic laws.

Length: approximately 500-800 words
Custom-prepared and delivered to your e-mail within 72 hours!
Price: 80€

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Primes Neutralization

After neutralizing your Primes, you become the master of your 'life game', therefore living life with full awareness rather than compulsively. Read more about PEAT and Primes.

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Only available in personal sessions.
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Price: 80€

The TLD Program will soothe your body, calm your mind, awake and free your soul.